Utrecht, The Netherlands boast having a diverse and vibrant population, including a major university, businesses and economic growth, music and culture, and a general progressive environment. Utrecht also mirrors other parts of The Netherlands and Europe at-large in terms of having a large refugee and migrant population, economic inequality, pockets of homelessness and those living in poverty. 

We live side by side, cross one another in the streets, but frequently do not pay particular attention or listen to the ‘stories’ of ‘the other’, including neighbors, community members, shop owners, people of African Descent, and those fleeing conflict, violence, despair and desperately seeking a better quality of life.

As one of the oldest forms of communication, storytelling is a time-honored technique to exchange information, knowledge, understanding, as well as a source of entertainment. hiStory herStory theirStory myStory ourStory aspires to achieve the lofty goal of serving as a meeting space to hear the views, thoughts, feelings, fears, opinions, successes, challenges and aspirations across the spectrum. We feel this is an important step in the local and global search for common ground, appreciation and solidarity.