Hi, I’m Renia Mers, born in Aruba. My parents were born in Surinamese and I grew up in the Netherlands. I have been living in the Netherlands since I was 14 years old. At first, I doubted who I am. Then I realized that I am allowed to be however I want to be so I have chosen to be a world citizen. Enjoying all the world has to offer and I am proud to be whom I have become. I like to connect with people and to listen to their story. 

As a woman, I think it is important that women are financially independent and that man and woman are equal. My passion is to explore the layers, energy and emotions involved in money. I also believe that the only way to tackle an external challenge is by healing the internal pain. 

I am a Life Style Design Coach, the author of Geld is je Vriend (Money is your Friend), and the mother of a beautiful daughter. I like to travel, read, walk, dance, cook and watch old black and white movies (I am a huge fan of Alfred Hitchcock). I recently discovered that I have a talent to sing and act. I would like to learn to play golf. One of my dreams is to share my stories and insights as a female speaker as I think it is important you use your voice. I would also like to organize a pillow talk event – a place where women or men can share their insights and the lessons learnt. 

My mission is to give women a chance just like I got a chance from various women who believed in me. My rule is I help a woman on her way and that woman does the same with the next. The most important thing is to open your heart and share your love. 

renia mers